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Landscape Lighting Service in University Park, TX

In the middle of the DFW metroplex lies the city of University Park, which offers its nearly 8,000 homeowners plenty of opportunities to add landscape lighting to their homes, making landscape lighting in University Park an essential service! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase lights from First Choice if you wish to purchase them, but we prefer you rent the lights from us. If you rent the lights, it comes with guaranteed service and free replacement of faulty materials. This service and replacement guarantee extends every year you rent lights from us. Yet another benefit to renting is we allow you to change colors and styles from one year to the next if you desire to do so. 
Our full package includes design consultation, all necessary materials including timers, installation, guaranteed service, removal, and annual storage. Residences usually start around $1000 and can exceed several thousand. Businesses usually start around $2500. Keep in mind we are a professional lighting installation company and we are fully insured. You get what you pay for and you should be skeptical when hiring inexperienced individuals or companies to install lights.
For most homes with gutters and shingles, we use a universal plastic clip that attaches to both gutters and shingles. For brick and stone, we use hot glue, for wooden arbors or any other wooden structures we use small staples. For businesses with a metal cap on the roof, we use magnets. There is never anything permanent or intrusive other than anchors for wreaths and that is done only with your permission. All of our lights are custom fit for every home or business, even the extension cords! It is a very clean, professional look.
If you have had lights installed by a professional company, there are a few things we need to check. First, we need to check the quality and condition of the lights. Second, we need to check the labeling and mapping of the house. If the materials are commercial grade, in good condition and the map is legible, then we will move forward with the installation. Since we did not provide the material and we did not custom fit the lights to the property, our service guarantee will not apply. We will have to charge a service fee to repair any non-working lights.
We take a 50% deposit at signing to schedule you a date on our calendar then the remaining 50% is due after installation is complete and you are satisfied. We are in very high demand and have a very short period of time to complete our work. All deposits are non-refundable. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
We begin the removal process on January 2nd. In most cases, it’s not necessary for you to even be home, especially if you’ve rented the lights from us.

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The timeline for landscape lighting installation varies based on the complexity of the project. Once we provide a quote, we can offer an estimated timeline tailored to your specific project. To get started, please fill out our online form. This will help us understand your needs better and provide you with a more accurate time frame.

Why Choose us

Professional Landscape Lighting University Park

Our landscape lighting technicians are trained to properly utilize every product and tool during an installation so you can rest assured that your house will be taken care of! We also maintain all landscape lighting that we install. If you call us about a burnt-out bulb, one of our landscape lighting professionals will replace the burnt-out bulb as soon as possible. We don’t want a burnt-out bulb to put a damper on your landscape architecture! First Choice Lights is your one-stop destination for everything that you need to create a resort-like feel on your property.

Outdoor Light Installation University Park

Americans spend on average an estimated 150 hours in their yard every year so it’s very important to make sure that your property is well-lit with outdoor lighting to extend the usability of your outdoor space into the evening hours. Our outdoor lighting services transform the look of your house. Our outdoor lighting service will make for safe and enjoyable activities even after the sun goes down.

Why Choose First Choice Lights?

As the leading provider for University Park landscape lighting, First Choice Lights keeps homes and businesses in the city well-lit and beautiful. There are plenty of untrustworthy landscape light installers out there that do not understand the intricacies of light installation but the team of landscape lighting technicians at First Choice Lights has your best interest in mind!

Is landscape lighting worth it?

The simple answer to this question is yes! Landscape lighting is worth it as it enhances your property’s aesthetics, adds security by lighting up dark areas, and extends outdoor usability into the evening hours. It also creates a welcoming ambiance. Investing in landscape lighting elevates your outdoor space, making it functional and visually appealing both day and night. At First Choice Lights, our team of experienced outdoor lighting installers serves throughout the University Park area.

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