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How it Works


how it works


We schedule a consult with you to discuss your holiday decor. While some clients know exactly what they want, others want our advise on how we can increase their homes appeal for the holidays. Each design is unique to your home and it’s important to us to make sure we truly capture the beauty of your home.


Our teams are well trained and work hard to complete your vision. We start with custom fitting roof lights and tree lights, so they fit the property perfect. All of our cords and timers are strategically placed to not only be hidden from site but safely placed out of all walk ways. Finally we turn on the display and walk the property with the client to go over any questions they might have.


We take great pride in installing commercial grade products in order to minimize issues. If an issue arises the office should be contacted so that our teams can be notified to fix the problem. We generally request that if there is a light bulb out, to text or email a night time photo so we can locate and change the bulb. All other issues are handled accordingly.


We promptly start removal January 2nd and promise to have all lights down by January 15th. We take a photo of the property, map out the display, and label all line when we remove the lights. We then pack away your display for the following year.


Like design, each property is different. Some properties have the ability to store, while others may not. We will work with you to make sure your specific needs are met.